Tuesday, January 16

Trying to Be Interesting

I read this post a while a go and thought how neat it was. It's a pretty good set of guidlines. So, I am going to force myself to update this blog every day, if possible. I may not always have anything good to write about, but maybe I can begin my journey of interesting-ness.

I started watching The Office. That show is so darned funny! Here are some funny office icons.

I should keep up Peggy's blog as well. I don't tihnk I've updated that in a year.

Oh! The post also says to take one picture a day, and with my new Digital Camera, I can now accomplish this.

I watch Mythbusters religiously now- Weekdays 4p.m. Discovery channel. Mhmm.

I really need a new blog template.



Anonymous emilie said...

hey, do you really think canada sucks?

i was in new jersey (omg! nj is teh suxx0rz hwtatatT~) for eight days during the beginning of the month and i got kind of canada-sick. no tim hortons in new jersey. no excessive canadian politeness either. it was sad. but it was better than new york.


9:33 AM  

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