Sunday, January 14

iPod Nano

I finally made it to the Apple store today to get my new nano. My old one broke six months ago and I have been using CDs ever since. It was really miserable. But I showed them my broken one and got 10% off. I also decided to get the 4gb (silver) instead of the 8gb and buy the iHome system along with the saved money. The iHome system is pretty much bad ass.

Anyways, I haven't been on this computer in about 3 months so that's why I was doing the not updating thing.

I can't fucking wait to listen to my new podcasts. Fuck yeah.

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Anonymous Emilie said...

wow wow wow! finally you updated. i've been waiting for this moment for what seems like the past ten years! do not go away again or there will be hell to pay, sir. that almost said hello to pay, haha.

anyway, in response to your post: it's interesting that you say having to use cds, due to your pod being broken, was miserable. although i have a pod (and -- save for that time the crack addict stole my mini and i was without for a couple months, we'll say -- have had since december 2004) i almost always alternate between it and my cd walkman. i actually invested in a new cd walkman a couple months ago, even. i have a good reason for this, however. you'd need about a 2 terabyte ipod to even begin to contain the better part of my cd collection, and having a 4gig nano, there's no way i'm going to fit all of matt good's discography + godspeed on there.

usually i use it to listen to matt good, though. it's pretty interesting that although he's my all time favorite musician and i can't go more than two weeks without hearing the same records i've heard countless times, he hasn't been on my pod since the time my mini crashed in 2005. insanity, i declare!

but yeah, cds are still useful. and of course necessary as a form of backing up what is on your pod, should it be stolen by a crack addict, break or crash.

lastly: i am excited at your investment in a boards of canada record. more than that, i am pleased you enjoyed it. of course that was a given. their other records aren't like that. my mother described the campfire headphase as something that could put you to sleep (i've done it too), while their other stuff is much more... techno-y. that's got a major inclination to the sunday munich/saltillo esthetic. which is more badass trip-hop you should check out.

i don't know about it's availability.

you can read about it there (saltillo too, cuz it's all menton j. matthews 3 behind the scenes) and see the gloriousness that is MJM3.

i have a bunch of their stuff, so if you're interested i can send you the stuff to give it a go.

p.s. octivator has been dead for quite some time. i was contemplating bringing it back to the fore, but... it looks less like that'll be happening as time passes. i'm writing at teh lj though, if you need a fix.

10:47 PM  
Anonymous emilie said...

p.p.s. when did blogger get tags? that's so awesome. that's been one of my favorite features since lj hooked up with it and i got into the wordpress groove.

10:49 PM  

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