Saturday, January 27

Growing Up

I saw a few people this weekend I haven't seen in a while. They go to another school district so we don't see each other often anyways. But it's just so weird how much people change during high school. It makes me really sad in some ways, because I miss "the old times" and how they'll never be the same.

I'm going through a weird phase... I don't really have any really close friends anymore. I went through my entire phone contacts list and only three people would I consider close. And none of them are available tonight, so I'm going to do some hardcore internet-ing. Because I never do that anymore, and I miss it.

But anyways...I just miss people. Even if they're still close by. Hmmm.

[edit] I also think I should mention that a long time ago (after seeing POTC 2) I asked myself if the compass thing was planned from the beginning, and I got the DVD with the Screenwriters commentary and they stated that it wasn't and that any scenes to say that it pointed directly to the Isla De Muertas and "Not North" were cut form the first one, and they thought up this new set of rules for the compass. [/edit]

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Blogger Russ said...

If you ever want to hang out and if somehow that would work out, I would.

8:21 PM  

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