Friday, January 19

Day #6310

That's such an easy way to title blog posts, just use Chris Bucklow's 'How Many Days Have I Lived?' calculator and it will tell you what day you're. I could start counting down to cool,000.

Anyways, my first idea was to label it Friday #___ and tell you how many fridays I have lived, but decided against it when I got bored adding them up.

I have no idea what I'm going to do tonight.

So yesterday I had to go get my mucus seal inspected, which I will include a picture of, and it turns out I have to have it removed. Yuck.

But anyways, I finished editing my film called Poker Hands today. I will post it on YouTube or something. I need to start a new film soon because now we're required to do one for a grade in Digital Media class. Any ideas?

I want to see Children of Men. I might go see it alone if knowone else wants to go.

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Anonymous emilie said...

hurrah for the new look!

is the new blogger, no longer beta, difficult to code for or have you not tried?

2:10 PM  
Anonymous emilie said...

he doesn't update much anymore, but have you ever read matt good's blog? it gets pretty interesting sometimes. he's changing it over from how it used to be (just him writing+designing everything), and having some featured contributors. some of them are going to be people who are in iraq... and i forget the others. anyway, it sounds pretty cool but it's going to detract from its initial appeal, which was that it was matt good's blog. now it's going to be matt good + friends blog.

anyway, you should check it out, although it can be highly political. i think.

2:14 PM  

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