Wednesday, January 31

Children of Men

I saw Children of Men this past weekend, and it is one of the best movies I've ever seen. So clearly it's not up for Best Picture. But really, it's so so good. I think I'm going to have to see Y Tu Mama Tambien now.

So, at school I was talking to Kelli and after her class that followed, someone said "Are you guys dating? I thought that kid was gay." Haha.

I'm looking at colleges. So far: NMU, BGSU, OU. I take the SAT in March.

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Saturday, January 27

Growing Up

I saw a few people this weekend I haven't seen in a while. They go to another school district so we don't see each other often anyways. But it's just so weird how much people change during high school. It makes me really sad in some ways, because I miss "the old times" and how they'll never be the same.

I'm going through a weird phase... I don't really have any really close friends anymore. I went through my entire phone contacts list and only three people would I consider close. And none of them are available tonight, so I'm going to do some hardcore internet-ing. Because I never do that anymore, and I miss it.

But anyways...I just miss people. Even if they're still close by. Hmmm.

[edit] I also think I should mention that a long time ago (after seeing POTC 2) I asked myself if the compass thing was planned from the beginning, and I got the DVD with the Screenwriters commentary and they stated that it wasn't and that any scenes to say that it pointed directly to the Isla De Muertas and "Not North" were cut form the first one, and they thought up this new set of rules for the compass. [/edit]

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The Grapes of Wrath

I went to see the Grapes of Wrath last night at the Aronoff Center. Two of my friends were in it, and it was OK I guess. I also saw The Tempest at Mason High School on Thursday. That was really good.

But anywas last night after I got home at about 12, me and elizabeth drove all the way to Dayton to go to the only 24 hour starbucks around here. It was enjoyable. I don't see her too often so it was a nice time. We talked about socialism and hepatitus. It was a good talk.


Friday, January 19

Day #6310

That's such an easy way to title blog posts, just use Chris Bucklow's 'How Many Days Have I Lived?' calculator and it will tell you what day you're. I could start counting down to cool,000.

Anyways, my first idea was to label it Friday #___ and tell you how many fridays I have lived, but decided against it when I got bored adding them up.

I have no idea what I'm going to do tonight.

So yesterday I had to go get my mucus seal inspected, which I will include a picture of, and it turns out I have to have it removed. Yuck.

But anyways, I finished editing my film called Poker Hands today. I will post it on YouTube or something. I need to start a new film soon because now we're required to do one for a grade in Digital Media class. Any ideas?

I want to see Children of Men. I might go see it alone if knowone else wants to go.

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Wednesday, January 17


I wish I didn't have the aggravating task of selecting a title for each post. It's so daunting! Because when I start to write I don't have an exact Idea of what I'm going to say, so I can't choose it beforehand, but even afterwards it's hard to label a single entry. Usually it's not that bad, but I always tihnk way to hard about it.

I started making a new template, then I quit.

Did I mention that I went to the Andy Warhol museum over christmas break? There are a fw photos of this in my Flickr. He's such a neat guy.

I think it's odd how we have commercialized sex over the years. It used to be so taboo but now it's everywhere. We use to sell things and make jokes. I don't have a problem with it, and I definitely don't tihnk it should be taboo but it's just such a weird subject for people to choose to commercialize. I guess because sex sells and whatnot but it's odd how different the attitude towards sex has changed since the early 1900s I guess.

Anyways, I'm starting a new shift at work tonight so I need to go get ready and then watch Mythbusters before I leave.


Tuesday, January 16

Trying to Be Interesting

I read this post a while a go and thought how neat it was. It's a pretty good set of guidlines. So, I am going to force myself to update this blog every day, if possible. I may not always have anything good to write about, but maybe I can begin my journey of interesting-ness.

I started watching The Office. That show is so darned funny! Here are some funny office icons.

I should keep up Peggy's blog as well. I don't tihnk I've updated that in a year.

Oh! The post also says to take one picture a day, and with my new Digital Camera, I can now accomplish this.

I watch Mythbusters religiously now- Weekdays 4p.m. Discovery channel. Mhmm.

I really need a new blog template.


Sunday, January 14

iPod Nano

I finally made it to the Apple store today to get my new nano. My old one broke six months ago and I have been using CDs ever since. It was really miserable. But I showed them my broken one and got 10% off. I also decided to get the 4gb (silver) instead of the 8gb and buy the iHome system along with the saved money. The iHome system is pretty much bad ass.

Anyways, I haven't been on this computer in about 3 months so that's why I was doing the not updating thing.

I can't fucking wait to listen to my new podcasts. Fuck yeah.

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