Saturday, September 16

High Class Dining

See those grease stains seeping through the bag? That's no accident.
My arteries recoil as I approach this luxury meal.

I was talking to Sarah about not being able to find the Duet with Thom Yorke and Beck, and within a minute she had found it. Anyways, the site she used to search for it is amazing.

I have found a lot of other great covers, and hard to find stuff using it. It just searches music blogs, which I never knew there were so many. It's really cool.


Anonymous la eilime said...

except, still.. no jason lee. just that stupid track by the all girl summer fun band, which i am going to parody.

"jason lee, oh, i didn't know you were into scientology!"

so like anyway, 'bout what you said in your comment. blomment. blogment. comg?

i am hip to that, sir. i would not mind offering my mediocre services to the masses at your side. what did you have in mind, specifically? you know, how to go about it / where / when / etc...

i cry for your arteries! have a salad, or some oatmeal. it's pretty tasty.

7:09 AM  

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