Wednesday, September 20

I hate bad design.

I was in art class at school flipping through a home design magazine when I came across an ad for these.

I haven't wanted this bad since I collected pokemon cards. Well, not really. But damn! Look at those? Who wouldn't feel like Diddy when you drinkin' out of those? It's like grillz. Only not going to cause you to have to wash your mouth with armor all.

But anyways. My step-dad is going to have to have open heart surgery. I remember watching an old TV show, where this little jewish girl asked her grandma about death. (not because she was old, you jerk.) Her grandma told her about something she read, about a man who's heart stopped for 20 minutes. When he was asked what it felt like to be dead, he replied, "It felt like walking on a beach." Pff. I bet he was jewish too.

So, anyways. I plan on asking Gary if he dreams or anything while he is put under.

Here are some interesting articles on near death expiriences:

I really do hate bad design. I'm in Digital Media Academy II at school, which is a great class. It takes up two periods, and it's all Mac. I love it. I plan on submitting some of my work from there to my deviantart account. But anyways, some of the work these other kids (who have never used photoshop) make is just so so bad. And it's even worse when they think it's great. Maybe I'll manage to upload some of it and make fun of them at their expense on my weblog.

Saturday, September 16

High Class Dining

See those grease stains seeping through the bag? That's no accident.
My arteries recoil as I approach this luxury meal.

I was talking to Sarah about not being able to find the Duet with Thom Yorke and Beck, and within a minute she had found it. Anyways, the site she used to search for it is amazing.

I have found a lot of other great covers, and hard to find stuff using it. It just searches music blogs, which I never knew there were so many. It's really cool.

Friday, September 15


So, if Horiffic and Horrible both connote negativity, why don't Terrible and Terrific?

I really need to know before I die. Maybe I will send it into the Word Nerds, a podcast on the english langauge. It's very informative.

Did you know that the word "eunuch" appears in nine of Shakespeare's plays?