Thursday, August 31

On Media

I'm taking Journalism I in school right now. I like it, it's a neat way to study the news and modern media. I've had a few thoughts on media lately:
  1. iPods (or more specifically, Podcasts) shouldn't be used for news. You want news, turn on your TV, or find a news aggregator. Don't wait to download it on your computer.
  2. I think Newspapers are going to be going out of the media/news scene shortly. Online RSS feeds and other aggregators are so convenient.
  3. They should have individual RSS feeds for each article, or at least for articles (or more trivial ctergories than the usual: "US | WORLD | SPORTS | ENTERTAINMENT" ) that will continue to expand on the issue or topic.
I think I might switch to WordPress shortly. After I found out that you can upgrade to edit your own CSS I decided it is probably the best blog mangament system that I know of. I have, but I think that I want something a bit different.

Neutral Milk Hotel!


Anonymous la eilime said...

i have, in addition to octivator which is run on wordpress. that's pretty good that you can edit yo' cascading stylesheet with a purchase of 15 credits for the lowlowlow cost of 1 dolla each. but on that note, it would be even better if it were free.


what's that about neutral milk?

i'd like to start a parody band called sour milk motel.

or shitbag motel. dude, yo, that would be hitlerious.

*note: i wouldn't dare tell anybody my serious intentions for fear that they would get a chance to make the idea a reality before me. i am so paranoid, i put good ole' elron to shame.

4:34 PM  
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