Friday, July 7

You Can't Spell Pirate Without Irate

Not that I didn't love Pirates of the Carribean: dead Man's Chest. It was really good. I felt that the plot was a bit weak, but only because they wanted to change diections with the series. Which is understandable.
Some thoughts that contain spoilers: (highlight to read)
I really wonder if the whole compass thing was planned from the beggining. And why the hell was the monkey still cursed? I was pleased to see Mr. Rush return as well.

But anyways... I am quite ready for school to be back.

Oh, and I am really weirded out by the death of Kyle Reeves. He was a kid a year older than me who I had only met a few times. He was really funny, but he died while on vacation with his parents. I guess he was jumping off these cliffs into the river (or whatever body of water) and hit his head on a rock and drowned. It's really sad, but I always feel really weird when someone you only sortof knew died, like your never going to see their face again- but you never really had much emotion towards them.

Well, anyways... I pretty much live my sundays for MuggleCast now. I love that show. PotterCast is very cool as well. I'm liking this whole podcasting revolution. If thats what the kids these days are calling it.


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