Wednesday, July 12

Sweet Dreams

I cannot get enough of that song (Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics)! Well, actually, I can because any song played over and over again is annoying. Unless it's the Hurt cover by Nine Inch Nails. But anyways, I love it.

I signed up for a Drawing/Sketching class at the YMCA on monday (because I get free classes ofcourse) and was really stoked about it, but then they cancelled it. I was probably the only one who signed up. Psh. Well, after that I found two of my CoWorkers (Mark and Micheal) and they told me I should take Cardio Kickboxing with them. They had no idea how to do it, so I had no dignity to lose among them in the class, so I took it. Cardio Kickboxing may be the most intense action a human being can go through. ...Not really, but it's hardcore. I love being surrounded by middle aged soccer moms who can kick harder, higher, and longer then I can. It's slightly intimidating and demeaning that they are so much better at it than I.

The last few days at camp I have been filling in for camps who have less counselors or more kids. It's been terrible. I had to endure the rebellion of skateboarding camp. Every kid in that camp is an obnoxious, disrespectful punk. I may sound old, but it's miserable feeling demeaned and threatened by these twelve year olds. Ugh.

I want to switch to wordpress very badly. But I want to be able to make my own templates. I'm so very torn on this decision.


Anonymous la eilime said...

and that's why it's so amusing. it's the heart of the skateboard. it goes thump thump fuck you!

p.s. wordpress = satanic. seriously, i've got it over at pornoviolent so this means i can tweedle with the layout if i wish, but man, it's like being beat over the head with your own skateboard, or something. falling off and getting up onto to realize your baggy-ass pants have fallen down. really degrading, coding for wordpress. althought success tends to counter all the negativity -- but shit, the ride can be likend to one of those highly tedious and painful pilgrimages the indians go on to arrive in the location their ishta devata is associated with.

skateboarders = my heros, especially when they fall on their asses.

have you ever been on a skateboard before?

6:50 PM  
Anonymous la eilime said...

*only to realize

6:50 PM  
Blogger Christian said...

I hate skateboards. Well, not really. Just the children that I associate with them.

3:15 PM  
Anonymous la eilime said...

have you decided whether you'll switch to wordpress or not yet?

the yeah yeah yeahs new record blows, hands down. they even ripped fucking ll cool j off. you know the song phenomenon?

it just lacks something their first had. not that it should be the same as the first because that would probably be a worse offense than ripping off ll cool j..... but i don't know, it's just boring.

a bit like radiohead.

did you hear thom yorke's solo release? omglol.


off that note, you should check out the thievery corporation further, as it is certainly not boring. it is quite excellent, in fact. (=

7:44 AM  

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