Saturday, July 1

The End Is Near

So, after I got strep throat again I went to the doctors, got new medicine and was cured. But now, a week later my illness has come back for a third time. I am completely convinced that the end is near for me.

I quit my job at LaRosa's. I hated it so much.

+I went to the mall yesterday and bought a Postal Service tee from Hot Topic.


Anonymous la eilime said...

i want to quit my job too. it's sad. it's canada day today, though, so i get three days off. sat+sun+mon. then i only have to work three and a half days next week, and i'll have enough money to purchase a new ipod = my materialism.

life is evil, or live, if you're tom cruise.

which might just border on interesting.

where the hell have you been?

you do not update enough and if i could get away with it, i would sue you for it.

the end is not nigh. do you see jesus peeking through the clouds?

that's when you know it's coming.

10:46 AM  
Blogger Il Fantasma said...

Oh my, is it true? could god have possibly havce answered my prayers, and finnally decieded to take Chris out of my misery? Hahaha, nooo, I'm only joking. You should know that by now. I hope you get better Chris, and Hirst is the bomb, yo.

10:33 PM  

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