Sunday, July 23

On Podcasting

So, I am not a part of two, possibly three, different podcasts. None of them have finished setting up yet, but it's interesting how so many people have podcasts.

This is the one with Shy:

This is the one with Sarah:

I might only be on Rape The Customer occasionally, I'm mostly doing their tech stuff.

Me and Sarah worked on recording last night, we talked about vegetarians, repulsive rap music, Paris Hilton, and other pretentious celebrities. It sounds like it will be a good show.

So, Lumos is this weekend, and it's horrific because it's so far away. Lumos is a Harry Potter conference for the harcore nerds. All the cool people are going. Ugh.

Wednesday, July 12

Sweet Dreams

I cannot get enough of that song (Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics)! Well, actually, I can because any song played over and over again is annoying. Unless it's the Hurt cover by Nine Inch Nails. But anyways, I love it.

I signed up for a Drawing/Sketching class at the YMCA on monday (because I get free classes ofcourse) and was really stoked about it, but then they cancelled it. I was probably the only one who signed up. Psh. Well, after that I found two of my CoWorkers (Mark and Micheal) and they told me I should take Cardio Kickboxing with them. They had no idea how to do it, so I had no dignity to lose among them in the class, so I took it. Cardio Kickboxing may be the most intense action a human being can go through. ...Not really, but it's hardcore. I love being surrounded by middle aged soccer moms who can kick harder, higher, and longer then I can. It's slightly intimidating and demeaning that they are so much better at it than I.

The last few days at camp I have been filling in for camps who have less counselors or more kids. It's been terrible. I had to endure the rebellion of skateboarding camp. Every kid in that camp is an obnoxious, disrespectful punk. I may sound old, but it's miserable feeling demeaned and threatened by these twelve year olds. Ugh.

I want to switch to wordpress very badly. But I want to be able to make my own templates. I'm so very torn on this decision.

Friday, July 7

You Can't Spell Pirate Without Irate

Not that I didn't love Pirates of the Carribean: dead Man's Chest. It was really good. I felt that the plot was a bit weak, but only because they wanted to change diections with the series. Which is understandable.
Some thoughts that contain spoilers: (highlight to read)
I really wonder if the whole compass thing was planned from the beggining. And why the hell was the monkey still cursed? I was pleased to see Mr. Rush return as well.

But anyways... I am quite ready for school to be back.

Oh, and I am really weirded out by the death of Kyle Reeves. He was a kid a year older than me who I had only met a few times. He was really funny, but he died while on vacation with his parents. I guess he was jumping off these cliffs into the river (or whatever body of water) and hit his head on a rock and drowned. It's really sad, but I always feel really weird when someone you only sortof knew died, like your never going to see their face again- but you never really had much emotion towards them.

Well, anyways... I pretty much live my sundays for MuggleCast now. I love that show. PotterCast is very cool as well. I'm liking this whole podcasting revolution. If thats what the kids these days are calling it.

Saturday, July 1

The End Is Near

So, after I got strep throat again I went to the doctors, got new medicine and was cured. But now, a week later my illness has come back for a third time. I am completely convinced that the end is near for me.

I quit my job at LaRosa's. I hated it so much.

+I went to the mall yesterday and bought a Postal Service tee from Hot Topic.