Wednesday, May 10

The Hottest Thing Out Of Iceland

Everybody gets to see Sigur Ros. Except for me. Goddammit! I was blog-browsin' today and I found a multitude of people (blurbomat)

who were talking about the Sigur Ros show. And not only that, but my Friend Bethany is up in Chicago right now seeing them for the third time on their tour.

Well, anyway. Bethany's mother also double as my Creative Writing teacher. And she was explaining how Bethany was up in Chicago with a friend. She referred to Sigur Ros as the 'Hottest Thing Out Of Iceland'. Very well put.

Today I acquired Hail To The Thief and The White Stripes discography. Hail To The Thief is amazing. It may replace Kid A as my favorite Radiohead album.


Anonymous Emilie said...

bitch, what are you talking about? the hottest thing out of iceland, CLEARLY, is LazyTown! You can't beat that. Well, you can. Robbie Rotten (played by Stefan Karl, an accordian player and theatre freak) beats LazyTown. But that might not count, since he's one of the cast members of LazyTown and, quite likely, is the reason why it kicks sigur ros in their olsen twins ass.

(you know their song, olsen olsen? it's about the olsen twins. and how they'd be much cooler if they were icelanders and acted like bjerk does in dancer in the dark, then maybe, JUST MAYBE [but not likely what with LazyTown and all] they'd be the hottest thing from iceland. )

matthew good said it best when he said: radiohead is horseshit. MG got into an argument with his limo driver over the album kid a when it was first released.

MG goes "you hear that new album by radiohead?" the driver says "oh yeah, it's great." MG replies "oh, man, you don't even know! fucking beautiful! love it. it's a shame half the fucking kids don't know that radiohead got it from pink floyd. they did it 20 times before radiohead and 30 times better. fuckin' horseshit." his limo driver gets upset and they don't speak for the duration of the ride. MATTHEW GOOD IS THE FUCKING HERO. i love that man like i can't even explain.

the olsen twins thing was bullshit, but not the matt good thing. that actually happened. he also got banned from the entire city of regina, sk for being as obnoxious as he was before he got married in '03.

6:25 PM  
Anonymous Emilie said...

oh, not to say radiohead doesn't have any good songs. i haven't been album to give their albums much time because they tend to bore the shit out of me. but i like the tracks backdrifts and wolf at the door.

"we're rotten fruit, we're damaged goods -- what the hell, we got nothin' more to lose." great line.

6:29 PM  
Anonymous Emilie said...

p.s. invaild css is my hero.

(well, not really. i like valid css, because it's usually safer. but i like how you brought attention to invalid css rather than bragging about valid css. it's so funny. i've a mind to do that myself... though my css is valid... sometimes.)

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when the hell did Sigur Ros get so godamn popular. I remember listeing to them a few years ago and NO ONE knew who they were, cept like a few online friends.

1:18 PM  

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