Monday, May 15

Freakin' Shallow

I realized recently (There wasn't a specific, individual turning point) that I'm a very shallow and pretentious person. Well, judgmental more then pretentious. But I think that I'm kind of shallow when it comes to judging people. I appreciate looks over personality- how terrible is that? It's freakin' shallow.

Anyway. I watched Mean Girls last night. I've seen it before, and I think that (for a teen/girl movie) that it's really funny. I think it's a good representation of the stereotypes of high school. The band geeks really are sexually active.

The school year is nearly over. So obviously that means that all assigned work is void.

I bought some chucks today.

I got my debit card fixed, so I added money and my blog to IndieKarma. You should sign up. It's only a dollar. And by signing up, they give you a dollar to deposit to begin with.


Anonymous Emilie said...

shallow: chucks are for assholes.


i don't like pink floyd much myself. in fact, i can't really stand them. i can stand radiohead, but that's even giving a bit much credit.

matthew good is just funny. he's one of these geezers who were born in the seventie's and loves led zep and, of course, pink floyd.

your post reminds me of this line from a sparklehorse song called pig:

"i wanna be a stupid-ass shallow motherfucker nowwwwwww! i wanna be a tough-skinned bitch, but i don't know howwwwww."

2:26 PM  

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