Sunday, May 28

Pulling My Weight [Capitalism]

This past Thursday I started working at LaRosa's Pizza (a cincinnati pizza chain), as a dishwasher. It's really easy, but non-stop and smelly. On Tuesday I will start another job, as a camp counselor at the local YMCA. Now, as a 16 year old I have two jobs. They don't pay extremely well, but they were easy to get, and money is money, right? So why should I, and other taxpayers have to give their money away to the government only to be given to:

-Ridiculous Government Programs
-Illegal Immigrants

When it's that easy to find work? I mean, If you're out a job, Isn't it better to have a small paycheck than to just give up and settle on welfare? It pisses me off so much. The only people who should be eligable for any sort of government paycheck are the Physical and Mental disabled. I know that as a 16 year old I can work two jobs and make decent money. So why should anyone receive free money?
At least I know I'm pulling my own weight for society. Well, technically I'm only doing it for myself.

Yesterday, I bought a sketchbook at Barnes & Noble.

I also added a little script to my page, now my taglines are randomized. (Refresh the page to see) Currently I only have three.

Thursday, May 25

And I Feel Fine...

[I have no words for today.]

Tuesday, May 23

I Love My Shoes

I ordered some chucks on I'm quite proud of them.

Saturday, May 20

You Really Shouldn't Be Using Internet Explorer

I am currently at my aunt and uncle's home, my cousin Kieth is getting married this afternoon, maybe I will take pictures. So anyways, I was going through my routine internet updates and such, and they only have Internet Explorer, like most people. Now, I knew that my blog looked different in IE, but wow. It looks like crap. (Not that it's perfect in FF) So, please, save your souls by SWITCHING.

Monday, May 15

Freakin' Shallow

I realized recently (There wasn't a specific, individual turning point) that I'm a very shallow and pretentious person. Well, judgmental more then pretentious. But I think that I'm kind of shallow when it comes to judging people. I appreciate looks over personality- how terrible is that? It's freakin' shallow.

Anyway. I watched Mean Girls last night. I've seen it before, and I think that (for a teen/girl movie) that it's really funny. I think it's a good representation of the stereotypes of high school. The band geeks really are sexually active.

The school year is nearly over. So obviously that means that all assigned work is void.

I bought some chucks today.

I got my debit card fixed, so I added money and my blog to IndieKarma. You should sign up. It's only a dollar. And by signing up, they give you a dollar to deposit to begin with.

Wednesday, May 10

The Hottest Thing Out Of Iceland

Everybody gets to see Sigur Ros. Except for me. Goddammit! I was blog-browsin' today and I found a multitude of people (blurbomat)

who were talking about the Sigur Ros show. And not only that, but my Friend Bethany is up in Chicago right now seeing them for the third time on their tour.

Well, anyway. Bethany's mother also double as my Creative Writing teacher. And she was explaining how Bethany was up in Chicago with a friend. She referred to Sigur Ros as the 'Hottest Thing Out Of Iceland'. Very well put.

Today I acquired Hail To The Thief and The White Stripes discography. Hail To The Thief is amazing. It may replace Kid A as my favorite Radiohead album.

Sunday, May 7


I really like the Neutral Milk Hotel muzak. I want In The Aeroplane over the Sea.

I want a domain. All the cool kids have domains. I would then most likely switch over to wordpress, because I spent yesterday trying to figure out if there was a way to catergorize my posts using Blogger, and there isn't any way that I could find. But anyways. I think this template is finished, at least for a while. I'll probably tweak things hear and there.

I'm teaching myself to play the piano. Kind of. I printed out sheet music of The Scientist, labeled the notes and pressed the keys on the piano that are also labeled. But I'm getting better.

Saturday, May 6

Indie Karma

I was reading yesterday, and his latest post was about IndieKarma.
A pay system for bloggers and independent media places on the web. It works like this:

Sign up. Log in, and visit blogs.. If a blog is a part of IndieKarma, then a penny is deposited from your account into theirs. So you pay the blogger a penny every time you check their blog. And you can put it on yours too, so if people with IndieKarma read your blog, you get a penny!

I can't put it on my blog yet because I'm having some credit card problems, and my PayPal isn't working.

But, it's a neat idea, eh?

Friday, May 5

New Template

New Template.

Simple. Not finished.

I'm going for the cool, intellectual, blogger blog look.

Anyways, I'm doing lights for the school musical, damn yankees. It's pretty good.

I love The Cranberries.