Tuesday, April 25

Holy Jesus!

Apparently I have multiple readers now, last post I had a total of two comments from TWO different people. And Woody referenced something during conversation saying he had read it.

Well anyways, the previous movie reference was from Chasing Amy, where they black gay guy wears a pin that reads The Black Man is God. And the grammatical error was quite simple! You're never aloud to use a colon after a verb. There is another error in the previous sentence. Find it bitches.

I really enjoyed the Y3 CD, but I know of no references to the man you speak of. I don't have the case as of I ruthlessly burnt the CD.

I don't know what to do with my life. I would prefer not to stay in Ohio, and me and Briana want to do things after graduating. She wants to live in Oklahoma before we travel the globe because it is cheap to live there. Maybe college will be cheap there too. Although we would be out of state.

Oh, and fight the power!


Anonymous Emilie said...

you're fucking kidding, right? goddammit, i hate that kevin goddamned smith. i saw part of chasing amy -- i had to go out so i got to the part where jason lee finds ben asshole in bed with the dyke whoever she was, and he freaks out and then i don't know what happens, cuz that's when i left.

but anyway, that film was horribly stupid, as most KS films tend to be. except jersey girl. BEST FILM EVVVVER! they either have idiotic characters (i.e. clerks) or unbelievably gay storylines (chasing amy, jersey girl).... i suppose in a way, it's remarkable. but mostly it just sucks. but back to chasing amy. the only part of that film that i enjoyed was in the beginning, where jason lee says "your mother's a tracer," and i think that was mostly because of who was saying it, which brings me to my general opinion of kevin smith: jason lee is the only reason anything he has ever contributed to the film industry is worth while, why stealing harvard isn't a total waste of time... probaby why anything he does isn't. he's pretty good, but... not good enough to make kevin smith my friend.

right. maybe i should throw a "quentin tarantino sucks" in there for good measure. (; i'm just kidding. but we do seem to have hardcore differences in our film tastes.

p.s. i use 9% of my brain.

1:44 PM  
Anonymous Emilie said...

top five films:

1] saw five

2] jersey girl


4] waterworld two

5] barfly

1:45 PM  
Blogger Russ said...


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