Friday, March 3


When I was thirteen I told myself i would give up "hating" people. And I did. I didn't hate anyone for a long time. I remeber a specific time at camp when I was so angry at this girl that made fun of me, and one day after her and her friends made fun of me I was crying and a kid came up and said:
Kid: "I bet you hate her, huh?"
Me: "No. I don't hate anyone."
I can't do that anymore. I hate so many people, I wish I could be less hating.

I started working on a zine. It's called "Any Other Name". I plan to distro it to Sweet Candy Distro.

I have another cool link: it's a nice RSS feed reader. I have never used one before, and I think it is quite swell.


Anonymous Emilie said...

me too, yo. but isn't hate natural? and to not hate anyone, wouldn't that require you to repress your feelings?

indeed, could it not be said you hate hate?

like the buddhist's: they desire not to desire.

i think the whole affair is terribly terrible.

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Emilie said...

btw: i'm not so sure oprah would help. i might be too cynical for that.

i remember a really long time ago, i saw a bit of an episode of oprah and she was discussing with janet jackson the virtues of nipple piercings.

JJ was selling a line about how erotic nipple piercings are, not just to look at, but, to feel (for the person whose nipple is pierced). and i'm thinking: nice, what about michael jackson? does he have five nipples? that are over-sized, in order to fit two piercings per nipple, that were added to his body surgically?

which reminds me! there are these two twin guys who like to enhance their bodies by trading parts. for example, twin a cut his middle finger off at the knuckle, and twin b give his middle finger off at his fingertip, gave it to twin a and took twin a's middle finger and attached it to his, so he had an abnormally long middle finger.

last i heard, they were doing something with their genitals.

2:40 PM  

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