Tuesday, March 7

Disgruntled Blogger

I've been listening to Enigma again lately. I still like it, just not as much as I used to. I realize that all of his songs are pretty much the same. In the last year I have started listening to more music than any other year. Actually, I wasn't really into music until the past year. So all of my favorite bands (except for Coldplay and The Red Hot Chili Peppers) have only been in my favorites list for about a year.

I downloaded the Blogger For Word plugin. So I'm blogging in word right now. It's kinda neat I suppose. I doubt I will keep using this instead of the regular Blogger way, but it's kinda nifty. So if you have windows and word, try it:

I really want to make a new template. I've been working on some ideas for a new one during school, whenever I get a chance, but I can't come up with anything that I like. I was so proud of this one after I made it. That lasted for about a week. It doesn't matter how cool it is, I always have to improve. That's probably a good thing though. I wish I had some more interesting things to blog about.

I really need a new template.


Anonymous Emilie said...

you want a list of music you should check out? i can give you some.

boards of canada - weird trip-hop stuff from scotland

matmos - weird electronica from californiaaa

by divine right - cute and fun indie-pop/garage rock written by hippies (real hippies) from toronto

current 93 - insanely weird apocolyptic folk-rock (or neofolk, if you prefer) from england.

matthew good - best musician ever.

matthew good band - his band, but it's defunct.

rasputina - quirky cello-rock.

godspeed you black emperor! - post-rock from montreal. 9 band members.

a silver mt. zion - 6 of the godspeed crew are involved with ASMZ.

bonfire madigan - less quirky cello-rock.

the folk implosion - really awesome stuff

the new folk implosion - less awesome stuff

lou barlow - really gay stuff (guilty pleasure type stuff)

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Emilie said...

sorry 'bout the slow reply.

godspeed you black emperor! is mostly instrumental stuff that's around 20 minutes in length. it usually starts off slow, but that's just the song building to the point where it explodes. it's quite great.

songs i would suggest are: east hastings, 9-15-00 part 1, storm and motherfucker=redeemer part 2. these are all great songs. only east hastings has talking in it, and that's just at the beginning.

7:31 AM  

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