Friday, February 10


That is a fantastic site. You put in your favorite musical artist and it makes you a continuing playlist so that you can find new music and enjoy similar tastes. It's oh-so luxorious.

I'm going to Amanda's party tonight. Should be pretty swell.

I made this new layout today. It took a while, and I still cant get the bottom border to work, so I took it off until I can figure it out.


Anonymous Emilie said...

Do you mean a footer?

The reason why it won't work is because this is absolutely positioned. When something is absolutely positioned, it is in a certain place, and it doesn't move. If you put a footer, your blog-text would go over it. It can't flow with the amount of text there is.

The solution is the use auto-magins (to center it) and floats.

What you would do is, in your css where you have body { .... } you'd put body { background: url(urlhere) top center repeat-y; font stuff; whatever else; }

Then you'd define a container in your css. I'm not sure what width this layout is (including the little side-dealie), but let's suppose it's 450px. You'd put in your css #container { width: 450px; margin: auto; }

Next up, your header image. It'd be something like #headerimage { width: 300px; height: 400px; background: url(imageurlhere) no-repeat; }

Then, you'd have your blog in your css. #blog { float: left; width: 300px; font stuff; whatever else; }

Then, your side-dealie. #sidedealie { float: right; width: 150px; font-stuff; whatever else; }

And then, your footer. #footer { clear: left; width: 300px; height: 100px; background: url(footerurlhere) no-repeat; }

[note: all these widths and heights are totally made up... you'd use the actual widths and heights]

Then your link colors, headers, whatever else you have in your css.

So, now that your css is set up, you'd start implementing it.

I don't think it'll let me type out the html, you know, with the greater-than-less-than things that are used to start and close html tags, so I'm just going to not use those.

title(insert title here)/title
style(insert csshere)/style


div id=container

div id=headerimage/div

div id=blog
(insert blogger code and header info)

div id=sidedealie
(insert side stuff)

div id=footer/div

/div (this closes the container)



....or something like that. the side-dealie might need a top-margin: -the height of the header image; if you want it in the location it's in.

8:59 AM  

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