Thursday, February 16


This was such a great movie, it is my favorite Spielberg movie, although I haven't seen all of his movies.

It picks up right as the Munich Massacre in 1972, which I had never heard about until this movie. (I have more to say about that in a moment) It was a great plot, and the movie itself was great. One of my recent favorites by far. I chose the picture of the lampshade becuase it's one of the most intense scenes. I think that after the last part of the movie, it starts to go downhill.
But overall, it is a fantastic movie that anyone would like.

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Anonymous Emilie said...

Spielberg! He's satanic. And he was mean to Crispin Glover. )=

His worst film ever: JAWS.

His best film ever: Terminal. I want to move to Krakosia.

8:24 AM  
Anonymous Emilie said...

Can you tell me more about Fatboy Slim's music? You know, what's it like. Is it normal or.... weird?

By weird, I mean... Matmos or Boards of Canada. That's weird.

7:41 AM  

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