Saturday, February 25

Another great music site (maybe better than Pandora) is It's pretty neat, they give you a little instller to install to record all the music you play on your computer. I use iTunes, so whatever song I play on iTunes is recorded and placed on my personal page:

At Dare2Share they attempted to convert all of the un-christian teenagers there to christians. I think there should be a conference to convert all liberals to conservatives. That would piss some people off. I'm gonna do it.

Tuesday, February 21

Hoy En La Vida De Chris

I'm starting to get restless with this templates. Which is okay I guess becuase the whole reason i have this blog is to use my skills of graphic/web design.

I think it's pathetic that I have never ever learned about historical events past WWII in any history class in school. EVER. It kinda sounds like they are trying to hide the past. Although that is very doubtful. But it's still weird. I never would have known about the Munich attack in the seventies if it hadn't been for that movie. I love history, and I was upset that I had never knew about it.
Every other year we have american history. then on the off years, we have world history. Every year in american history we learn about the american revolution, and the civil war. We ALWAYS start there. Why can't we pick up where we left off? I like world history much more, becuase Europe is more fascinating.

I explained the political spectrum to a girl inmy history class named Bethany. She's really cool, and she was really interested in it. I'm in her mom's writing class with her too, and I think it's kinda neat, becuase I had her mom for English last year.
It turns out that I'm kinda bad at explaining how the political spectrum works. I tried to describe it in different degrees, and how it isn't like a straight line. But I gave up and drew her the political line. I first learned about the basic line last year in my freshman year.

Thursday, February 16


This was such a great movie, it is my favorite Spielberg movie, although I haven't seen all of his movies.

It picks up right as the Munich Massacre in 1972, which I had never heard about until this movie. (I have more to say about that in a moment) It was a great plot, and the movie itself was great. One of my recent favorites by far. I chose the picture of the lampshade becuase it's one of the most intense scenes. I think that after the last part of the movie, it starts to go downhill.
But overall, it is a fantastic movie that anyone would like.

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Friday, February 10


That is a fantastic site. You put in your favorite musical artist and it makes you a continuing playlist so that you can find new music and enjoy similar tastes. It's oh-so luxorious.

I'm going to Amanda's party tonight. Should be pretty swell.

I made this new layout today. It took a while, and I still cant get the bottom border to work, so I took it off until I can figure it out.