Tuesday, January 24

Journaling and Milk

I have never really journaled in my life, and this week I have started writing during class in my journal. I just kind of write what ever is on my mind and such. It helps me organize my thoughts I guess.

Socialism is much better than communism.

But anyways, I have to write an interview on Greg for Creative Writing class, and we just asked each other a list of quesitons that Briana made up yesterdya in geometry class. So all I have is a bunch of random facts about him. But I'm sure I'll work through it.

Me, Chris, Briana and Greg (the four poeple who sit at our lunch table) are going to collectively drink a gallon of milk. We did the math and it will take 16 cartons of milk. Last year greg drank six in one sitting, so I imagine we can do it. It will cost 6.40, and I want to see the look on the lunch lady's face when we bring up all 16 cartons.

Clue practices are going well, although increasingly more stressful. Midsummer Night's Dream practices are boring and repetative.

Well, good night. And thank you for reading my fascinating blog.

Monday, January 16


My friend Ava just introduced me to Neon Blonde. A band which myspace classifies as Soul / Thrash / Folk music. I like it. It's kinda goofy, loud, obnoxious, jazzy, rock, smooth. It's very versital.

Me and Chris went to go see Brokeback Mountain on Saturday, but it was sold out. Too bad it is only playing in two theaters in cincinnati. I was to young to get into Jesus is Magical. What is the diffference between R and NC-17? What's a years difference?

And for your information there is a grammar format for 1337 and h4x0r: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1337. Everyone should read up on this.

The Light of The World

I decided that I'm going to start posting some of my art on here too.

Saturday, January 14


Top Five Reasons Coldplay is one of the most brilliant bands ever:

1. They've won bucket loads of grammies
2. They write and perform music that is very pleasing
3. They made the best album of all times: A Rush Of Blood to The Head
4. They are all attractive
5. They're British